Monthly Seminar Series

Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Seminar Series

All seminars are held from 12:00 – 1:00 pm in the McKnight Brain Institute in room LG110 A/B unless otherwise noted. Light refreshment will be served.

(Visit us regularly for updates on our seminar series)

6/22/16  Dr. Anand Swaroop, National Eye Institute

  • “Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation of Photoreceptor Development, Evolution and Disease”

10/19/16 Dr. Dimitrios Karamichos, Oklahoma University

  • “Disorders of the Extracellular Matrix in Stromal Corneal Dystrophies”

11/7/16 Dr. Derek Royer, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

  • “Innate Countermeasures to Ocular HSV-1 Infection”  (9:00 – 10:00 am)

11/16/16  Dr. Joe Corbo, Washington University

  • “Reading Genomes and Reprogramming Disease”

12/14/16 Dr. Cathy Bowes-Rickman, Duke University

1/18/17  Dr. Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, University of Utah

1/23/17  “Ciliated Senses: Biology, Pathology, and Treatment” — All day symposium (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) LG-101A

  • Tamara Caspary, Emory University, “Interpreting Signaling through the Primary Cilium”
  • Maureen Barr, Rutgers University, “The Tubulin Code: Orchestrating Ciliary Diversity”
  • Greg Pazour, University of Massachusetts, “IFT25 and IFT27 couple the BBSome to the IFT particle for maintenance of the ciliary signaling compartment”
  • Minghong Ma, University of Pennsylvania, “An Olfactory Cilia Pattern Ensures High Sensitivity to Odors”
  • Peter Calvert, SUNY Upstate, “Properties of sensory cilia membranes revealed by monitoring protein transport in living cells.”
  • Ted Wensel, Baylor College of Medicine, “Emerging Approaches to Cilium Structure and Trafficking”
  • Randy Reed, Johns Hopkins University
  • Eric Pierce, Harvard University, “Retrograde IFT and Inherited Retinal Degenerations”
  • Brad Yoder, University of Alabama Birmingham, “In vivo Analysis of Cilia Function and Connections to Renal Disease and Physiology”
  • Jeff Martens, University of Florida
  • Shannon Boye, University of Florida, “Gene therapy for USH1B- Two steps forward, one step back”
  • Val Sheffield, University of Iowa, “Comprehensive Approaches to the Treatment of Cilia-Related Retinal Disease”

2/15/17  Dr. Seth Blackshaw, Johns Hopkins University

3/15/17  Dr. Victor Perez, University of Miami

4/19/17  Dr. Marina Gorbatyuk, University of Alabama Birmingham