Upcoming Events

Fall 2019 Symposium — “Bioengineering and Machine Learning in the Eye”

November 6, 2019 — 12:00 – 7:00 pm in the McKnight Brain Institute auditorium (LG-101A)

Session I: Machine Learning and Precision Medicine

Joshua Stein (University of Michigan, Kellogg Eye Center) “The Future of Big Data in Ophthalmology”

Naama Hammel (Google Health Research) “Machine Learning in Healthcare and Ophthalmology

Julie Johnson (University of Florida, Pharmacy) “Advancing Care through Precision Medicine”

Session II: Device and Sensory Interfaces

Mark Humayun (University of Southern California, Ginsburg Institute for Biomedical Therapeutics) “Advanced Retinal Implants”

Kevin Otto (University of Florida, Biomedical Engineering) “Cortical Microstimulation for Sensory Prostheses”

Daniel Gibson (University of Florida, Obstetrics and Gynecology) “Integrating Devices into Biomedical/Ophthalmologic Research”

Crawford Downs (University of Alabama Birmingham, Ophthalmology, Biomedical Engineering, and Computer Science) “Intraocular and Intracranial Pressure Dynamics: Implications for Ocular Physiology and Glaucoma”