Past Center for Vision Research Symposia

2018 Symposia

Ocular Immunology and Inflammation

Rachel Caspi (National Eye Institute) “IL-17 regulation in ocular inflammatory disease

Janet Davis (Miami University) “The inflammatory response to gene therapy vectors delivered to the eye”

Andrew Dick (Bristol University) “The response of the retina to injury, inflammation and degeneration 

Jim Rosenbaum (Oregon Health and Science University) Does the microbiome cause B27-associated uveitis?”

Daniel Saban (Duke University) “Novel specializations of microglia in homeostatic and degenerative conditions of the retina”

Lucia Sobrin (Harvard University) “Diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune retinopathy and cancer-associated retinopathy” 

John Ash (Ophthalmology) “A dual role of Pattern Recognition Receptors in retinal degeneration”

Cristhian Ildefonso (Ophthalmology) “AAV delivery of anti-inflammatory genes in the endotoxin-induced uveitis mouse model retina”

Joseph Larkin (Microbiology) “Therapeutic targeting of Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling-1 for the treatment of auto-inflammatory disease”

Augusto Miravalle (Neurology) “Multiple sclerosis and related neuroimmunological disorders”

Caryn Plummer (Veterinary Medicine) “Equine recurrent uveitis: A spontaneous and persistent autoimmune uveitis”

Westley Reeves, (Medicine) “Autoimmunity and autoinflammation in the pathogenesis of immune-mediated diseases”


2017 Symposia

Biology and Therapy of the Ciliated Senses

Interpreting Signaling through the Primary CiliumTamara Caspary (Emory University)

The Tubulin Code: Orchestrating Ciliary Diversity”  Maureen Barr (Rutgers University)

IFT25 and IFT27 Couple the BBSome to the IFT particle for Maintenance of the Ciliary Signaling CompartmentGreg Pazour (University of Massachusetts)

An Olfactory Cilia Pattern Ensures High Sensitivity to Odors“   Minghong Ma (University of Pennsylvania)

Properties of Sensory Cilia Membranes Revealed by Monitoring Protein Transport in Living CellsPeter Calvert (SUNY Upstate)

Emerging Approaches to Cilium Structure and TraffickingTed Wensel (Baylor College of Medicine)

Building Sensory Cilia: Signals Localizing Transduction Proteins in Cells and Mice”   Randy Reed (Johns Hopkins University)

Retrograde IFT and Inherited Retinal DegenerationsEric Pierce (Harvard University)

In vivo Analysis of Cilia Function and Connections to Renal Disease and PhysiologyBrad Yoder (University of Alabama Birmingham)

Gene Therapeutic Rescue of Olfactory Dysfunction”  Jeff Martens (University of Florida)

“Gene Therapy for USH1B- Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”  Shannon Boye (University of Florida)

“Comprehensive Approaches to the Treatment of Cilia-Related Retinal Disease”  Val Sheffield (University of Iowa)


2016 Symposia

Ocular and Skin Wound Healing: From Healing to Regeneration

Sir Peng Khaw, University College London, “From Repair to Regeneration – Translating Research into Vision”

Gysbert van Setten, St. Eriks Eye Hospital/Karolinska Institute,“The Surgeon’s Insight into Basic Wound Healing: Decisive Attribute for Successful Surgery”

Siva Iyer, University of Florida, “Wound Healing in the Posterior Segment: Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy and Its Challenges” 

Elizabeth Fini, University of Southern California, “Clusterin: an Old Dog with New Tricks at the Ocular Surface”

Rajiv Mohan, University of Missouri, “Corneal Wound Healing: Guiding Path for Translational Medicine

Gregory Schultz, University of Florida, “Wound Healing: Lessons from the Skin and Cornea”

Michael Goldstein, Tufts University, “Pearls and Pitfalls in Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease Clinical Trials”

Tom Mustoe, Northwestern University, “The Role of Hydration and Sodium Homeostasis in Cutaneous Inflammation and Scarring”

James Jester, University of California Irvine, “Second Harmonic Imaging of Corneal Collagen: Insights into Corneal Evolution and Scarless Wound Healing”

Chris Batich, University of Florida, “Collaborations in Wound Healing Via Greg’s Massive Network”

Dan Gibson, University of Florida, “Managing Biological Variance in Wound Healing Studies”

Caryn Plummer, University of Florida, “Beyond the Human Animal – Advances in Veterinary Medicine in Wound Healing”


2015 Symposia

From Bench to Branding: Bringing Research Discoveries to Life

Sue Washer, President and CEO, Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation “Capturing a Company’s Interest in Product Development”

Kate Kirk, Author of “The Cambridge Phenomenon: 50 Years of Innovation and Enterprise”

 “How to Create an Environment that Fosters Entrepreneurial Activity”

Kenneth J. Mandell, President and CEO, LayerBio “Catching the Eye of Venture Capital” 

David Knop, Executive Director, Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation “Development of Biological Therapeutics”

Gareth Kempson, CEO, BioMonde  “Building a Biotech Business … Lessons from the Coal-Face

David Day, Director, Office of Technology & Licensing University of Florida “Technology and Licensing: Who to Talk To and What to Talk About”

Chris Batich, Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering “Tales of Success”

“Practical Matters in Making Your Dreams Come True”

John Byatt, Assistant Director, Office of Technology Licensing

Zana Dupee (JD) Office of Research

Gary Wimsett (JD) Conflict of Interest


Ethics in Ophthalmology: From Research to Clinic and Beyond

George Spaeth, Wills Eye Institute “From Ethics through Ethics to Etiquette”

Lauren Solberg, University of Florida “Changing Expectations of Privacy, Research Ethics, and the Digital Age”

Aron Rose, Yale University “Challenging the Four Core Principles of Biomedical Ethics”

William Allen, University of Florida “Forbidden Fruits: False Claims, Fee Splitting, Kickbacks, and Self-Referral”


2014 Symposia

International Ophthalmology Symposium

Andre Mermoud  (University of Lausanne ) “How to build an Eye Hospital in a developing country”

Alan Crandall (University of Utah) “Ensuring excellent outcomes in Third World countries”

Andre Mermoud  (University of Lausanne ) “How to prepare myself to go and participate in an eye care mission in a developing country”

Melinda Exume (University of Florida) “Perspectives on Practicing in Haiti”


Mitochondrial Function and Metabolism in Aging and Vision

Carlos Moraes (University of Miami) “Genetic treatment for mitochondrial diseases caused by heteroplasmic mtDNA mutations”  

Bret Goodpaster (Sandford-Burnham Medical Research Institute) “Do mitochondria play a role in the loss of muscle function with aging or disuse?”

Deborah Ferrington (University of Minnesota) “Mitochondrial targeted treatments for age-related macular degeneration”

Bärbel Rohrer (Medical University of South Carolina) “Small molecules that protect mitochondrial function from metabolic stress slow down photoreceptor cell loss in mouse retinal degeneration models” 

Rozalyn Anderson (University of Wisconsin) “The metabolism of aging and delayed aging by caloric restriction”

Jeffrey Boatright (Emory University) “Exercise protects against retinal degeneration”

Machelle Pardue (Emory University) “Beneficial effects of exercise on diabetic retinopathy”

Christiaan Leeuwenburgh (University of Florida) “Calorie restriction combined with resveratrol induces autophagy and protects against aging effects”

Jae-Sung Kim (University of Florida) “Autophagy and mitochondrial dysfunction in aged livers”

John Ash (University of Florida) “Small molecule and growth factor treatment to preserve photoreceptors in aging retinas”

Todd Manini (University of Florida) “mtDNA variants, activity energy expenditure and age-related health outcomes”


2013 Symposia

Treating Ocular Diseases in Animal Models

Neal Peachey (Cleveland Clinic Foundation) “Insight into Congenital Stationary Night Blindness from Mouse Models”

Gus Aguirre (University of Pennsylvania) “Large Animal Models of Inherited Retinal Diseases-From Gene Discovery to Treatment”

Ron Ofri (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) “Gene Therapy Restores Vision in Dayblind Sheep: A Naturally Occurring Large Animal Model Paving the Way to Treatment of Achromatopsia Patients”

Brian Gilger (North Carolina State University) “Recurrent Uveitis in Horses: A Naturally-occurring Spontaneous Model of Uveitis” 

Kristina Narfstrom (University of Missouri) “Feline Models for Ophthalmic Diseases with Focus on Hereditary Retinal Dystrophies”

Crawford Downs (University of Alabama at Birmingham) “Intraocular Pressure Telemetry and Ocular Biomechanics in Animal Models of Glaucoma”

 Gill McLellan (University of Wisconsin) “A Spontaneous Feline Model for Glaucoma Research” 

 Caryn Plummer (University of Florida) “Primary Open Angle Glaucoma in the Beagle Dog: The history and future of a spontaneous model”

 Greg Schultz (University of Florida) “Scar Wars – Animal Models for Development of Corneal Antiscarring Therapies” 


2012 Symposia

The International Ophthalmic Care Symposium

Dr. Nausheen Khuddus (University of Florida) “Pediatric Ophthalmology in Honduras-the Rewards and Challenges”

Dr. Sonal Tuli (University of Florida) “Blindness in India- Is there hope?” 

Sandy Burnett (University of Florida) and Dr. Maher Fanous (North Florida Eye Center) “The Role of ORBIS in International Eye Care and Education”

Dr. Marc Lieberman (Tibet Vision Project) “Reflections on the Tibet Vision Project: 1995-2012”


Inherited Retinal Diseases of the Eye

William W. Hauswirth (University of Florida)“Therapy for Inherited Retinal Disease; Quo Vadis”

Stephen P. Daiger (The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston) “Progress in Finding Genes and Mutations Causing Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa”

Mina Chung (University of Rochester, Flaum Eye Institute) “Adaptive Optics Imaging of Inherited Retinal Degenerations”

Gerald A. Fishman (The Pangere Center for Inherited Retinal Diseases) “Diagnosis and Management of Cystic Macular Lesions in Patients with Inherited Retinal Diseases”

Jacque Duncan (University of California, San Francisco) “Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy: A New Tool to Monitor Cones During Retinal Degeneration” 

Andras M. Komaromy (Michigan State University) “Achromatopsia — A Model Disease for Cone-Directed Gene Therapy”

Arlene V. Drack (University of Iowa) “Bardet Biedl Syndrome and Batten Disease:  Considerations for Gene Therapy and Other Treatment Modalities”

Mark Pennesi  (Oregon Health and Science University) “An Update of Gene Therapy Trials at the Casey Eye Institute“

Shannon E. Boye (University of Florida) “Gene Therapy for Photoreceptor-Mediated Retinal Disease: Leber Congenital Amaurosis-1 (LCA1)”

Maria B. Grant (University of Florida) “Novel Adult Stem/Progenitor Cell Strategies for Retinal Repair”

David Gamm (University of Wisconsin) “Potential Applications of Human iPS Cells to the Study and Treatment of Inherited Retinal Diseases”

Jane Sowden (University College London) “Developing Cone and Rod Photoreceptor Cell Transplantation for Retinal Repair”


2011 Symposia

Advances in Neuroprotection of the Eye

Nikolaus McFarland (University of Florida)   “History of Neuroprotection in Brain and Spinal Cord Research over the Last 20 years”

Doug Esson (Eye Care for Animals) “Glaucomatous Neurodegeneration & Concepts of Neuroprotection: a Brief Overview”

Sylvain Doré (University of Florida)”Saving the Salvageable Neurons after Ischemia”

Paul Kaufman (University of Wisconsin) “Viral Gene Transfer for Neuroprotection”

Keith Martin (University of Cambridge) “Stem Cells for Neuroprotection”

Anthony Arnold (UCLA) “Neuroprotection for Optic Neuropathy: Theory vs. Practice”

Len Levin (University of Wisconsin) “Identifying Neuroprotection Targets with Redox Proteomics”

Stuart McKinnon (Duke University) “Results from a Whole Mess of Mouse Glaucoma Experiments”

Adriana Di Polo (University of Montreal) “Saving Neurons in Glaucoma: A Cautiously Optimistic View”


2010 Symposia

Development and Delivery of Therapeutic Agents for the Eye

Paul Kaufman (University of Wisconsin) “A New Ocular Drug”

Ken Berns (University of Florida) “Viruses to Deliver Genes”

Dennis Steindler (University of Florida) “Stem Cells”

David Day (University of Florida) “Office of Technology Licensing”

Steve Sugrue (University of Florida) “College of Medicine”

Steve Sugrue (University of Florida) “Pilot Grants for Getting Started”

Gary Novack (PharmaLogic Development, Inc.) “The Pharma Perspective on Your Product”

Hank Edelhauser (Emory University) “The Challenge of Ocular Drug Delivery for Small Molecules and Proteins” 

Marc Peden (University of Florida) “Therapeutic Approaches to the Posterior Eye–A Clinical Perspective”

Sonal Tuli (University of Florida) “Iontophoresis for Delivery of Oligonucleotides and Drugs to the Anterior Eye”

Anuj Chauhan (University of Florida) “Ophthalmic Drug Delivery by Nanostructured Contact Lenses, Inserts and Puncta Plugs”

Paul Kaufman (University of Wisconsin) “Medical Therapy for Glaucoma in the Future”

Michael Young (Harvard University) “Delivery of Retinal Stem Cells to the Degenerating Retina”

Al Lewin (University of Florida) “Adeno-Associated Virus as a Gene Delivery Tool for the Eye” 

 Claudio Punzo (Harvard University) “A Gene Delivery Approach to Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa”

Muna Naash (University of Oklahoma) “Efficient Delivery of Ocular Therapeutic Genes via Compacted DNA Nanoparticles”

Kirk Gelatt (University of Florida) “Animal Models for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery” 

Keith Muller (University of Florida) “Biostatistics: Study Design and Interpretation” 

Gary Novack (PharmaLogic Development, Inc) “Ophthalmic Drug Delivery: Development and Regulatory Considerations”


2009 Symposia

Cellular Mechanisms of Diabetic Eye Disease

Desmond Schatz (University of Florida Diabetes Center) “Introduction to Diabetes”

Ramakrishna Ratnakaram (University of Florida) “Introduction to Diabetic Eye Disease”

Marcus Fruttiger (University College London Institute of Ophthalmology) “Normal and Abnormal Angiogenesis in the Retina”

Ira Herman (Tufts University) “Pericytes and Pathological Angiogenesis: Insights and Opportunities”

Renu Kowluru (Wayne State University) “Why Can’t We Arrest the Progression of Diabetic Retinopathy?”

Susanne Mohr (Case Western University) “The Role of Caspase-1/Interleukin-1b Signaling in Diabetic Retinopathy” 

Michael Boulton (University of Florida) “γ-Secretase: A Critical Regulator of Retinal Neovascularization” 

Maria Grant (University of Florida) “Endothelial Precursor Dysfunction in Pathogenesis of Early Diabetic Retinopathy”

Qiuhong Li (University of Florida) “Gene Therapy Approaches for Diabetic Retinopathy” 

Alan Stitt (Queen’s University Belfast) “Pathology of Diabetic Retinopathy – Mechanisms of Vaso-Degeneration and Potential for Reversal of Ischemia”

Manuela Bartoli (Medical College of Georgia) “Oxidation, Transcription Factors and Inflammation in Diabetic Retinopathy“

David Antonetti (Penn State College of Medicine) “Occludin Phosphorylation and Ubiquitination Regulate VEGF-Induced Vascular Permeabilty”

Elia Duh (Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University) “Induction of Transcription Factor MEF2C by VEGF”

Julia Busik (Michigan State University) “A Lipocentric View on Inflammatory Cytokine Signaling in Diabetic Retina and Retinal Cells” 

Alexander Ljubimov (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) “The Diabetic Cornea: From Markers to Therapy” 


2008 Symposia

Imaging the Eye for Clinical and Research Applications

Joel Schuman (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Eye Center) “Advances in Optical Coherence Tomography: from the Laboratory to the Clinical and Back Again”

Michael Patella (Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc.) “Evolving Diagnostic Needs & Goals in Glaucoma Management: Opportunities for Next Generation Clinical Imaging Devices”

Michael Sinai (Optovue) “New Clinical and Research Tools with Fourier Domain OCT”

Balwantray Chauhan (Dalhousie University) “Applications of Confocal Scanning Laser Tomography in Glaucoma”

Rajiv Mohan (University of Missouri-Columbia) “Quantification and Localization of Gene Transfer in the Cornea Using in vivo Confocal Microscopy”

Ronald Silverman (Weill Cornell Medical College) “High-Resolution Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging of Ocular Tissues”

Ron Yamamoto (iScience Interventional Corp) “High Frequency (85 MHz) Ultrasound Imaging of the Anterior Segment Angle”

Timothy Duong (University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio) “Layer-Specific Anatomical, Physiological and Functional MRI of the Retina”

Douglas Esson (Eye Care for Animals) “In vivo Diffusion-Weighted MRI of the Rat Optic Nerve”

Xeve Silver (University of Florida) “Advancements in Visual System MReye”

John Forder (University of Florida) “Extreme MRI – Imaging Structure and the Diffusion of Water in the Murine Retina at 17.6T”

Timothy Garrett (University of Florida) “Imaging Small Molecules in Eyes with Mass Spectrometry”

Alfredo Dubra (University of Rochester) “Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy: Present and Future“