Extramural Collaborations

Recent Collaborations


Smith/Farrens Arrestin structure and function

Smith/Wolfrum  – Photoreceptor ciliopathies     

KayFoundation Fighting Blindness Career Development Award              

Semple/RowlandRescue of GUCY1*B Phenotype Using Somatic Gene Therapy              

Tuli/SchultzRegulation of Stromal Wound Healing by Growth Factors

Tuli/SchultzIdentification of Therapeutics for Treatment of Sulfur Mustard Injury        

Tuli/SchultzReduction of Corneal Scarring FollowingBlast & Burn Injuries Using siRNA W81XWH-10-1-0917      

Schultz/MohanAAV mediated antiscarring agents      

 Aguirre/Lewin/HauswirthTranslational Research for Retinal Degeneration Therapies

Hauswirth/Jacobson/Conlon/Clement/BoyeTranslational Research for Retinal Degeneration Therapies                           

Guy/ Hauswirth/ Boye/ DinculescuLeber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Gene Therapy Trial

Swaroop/ Hauswirth/MinGene therapy for the RPGR form of X-linked RP        

Jacobson/ HauswirthGene Therapy for Stargardt’s Disease     

Molday/Min/ HauswirthGene Therapy for X-Linked Juvenile Retinoschisis        

 Komaromy/HauswirthAchromatopsia – Disease Mechanisms and Cone-Directed Gene Therapy           

Schultz/ HauswirthRegulation of Stormal Wound Healing By Growth Factors                        

Pang/ Chiodo/Boye/ HauswirthGene Therapy for Blue Cone Monochromacy (BCM)   

Guy/HauswirthExperimental Optic Neuritis: Gene therapy