Intramural Collaborations


Recent Collaborations




Smith/Garrett/HauswirthFunction and mechanism of arrestin translocation


Smith/RowlandAlternative signaling cascades in photoreceptors         


Boye/ Dyka/ Boye/HauswirthMY07A Gene Therapy for Usher 1B


Boye/Dinculescu/ HauswirthUsher 3A Initiative


Smith/ Sugrue/Lewin/ HauswirthNational Institutes of Health Core Grant                      


Samuelson/ Isaza/McGeeBaseline Circulating and Secreted Immunoglobulin G Levels in Paenungulata


Samuelson/ Isaza R/ McGee JPurification and Identification of Secretory Immunoglobulin A (sIgA) from the Florida Manatee and the Development of a Monoclonal Antibody


Samuelson/Gelatt/ MacKayCharacterization of Fibrillin 1 in the Normal and Glaucomatous Beagle


Sherwood/Samuelson/ SchultzPrevention of ocular scarring following glaucoma filtering surgery using BioVascular Inc. agent II